Things That Can Damage the Paint of Your Car

Every car owner is concerned about their vehicle. No car owner is exempted. It is a universal problem. Individuals are extremely stingy about their vehicles.  

However, damaging the paint of their car is one thing that car owners are least bothered about. Typically, individuals believe that they can never damage the paint of their vehicle. But, that is not the case. Paint scratch removal Orange County can be costly. In addition to that, several individuals are all about their car’s appearance. Technically, the paint translates to the car’s appearance.  

The paint of a vehicle is often damaged in your day-to-day routine. Also, vandalism isn’t the only thing that can damage your car’s paint job, contrary to popular belief.  

If you want to protect your vehicle’s paint job, here are several things that you have to avoid.  

Bird Excretions 

Bird droppings can be damaging to the car’s exterior surface. Since it’s acidic, bird excretions will leave a permanent stain on the car’s exterior surface. In addition to that, when a bird dropping is exposed to the sun, it will harden.  


You can still see minor scratches all over the body, even if you’re extremely careful with your vehicle. The reason for this is that your fingerprints are damaging the paint bit by bit. Even a minor touch on your vehicle’s body can often act like sandpaper because of the dust all around the leaves minor marks.  

This is unavoidable, no matter how much you want to stop it. In order for you to clean your vehicle right away as soon as you see dust building on it, you should try to have a cleaning cloth with you all the time.  

Spilled Fuel 

A sign that the tank is full to the brim is a brown marking on the side of your fuel cap. Because of this, the paint can be seriously damaged. Whenever the fuel comes in contact with the upper layer of the paint, the fuel will slowly erode it. The stains can be very hard to get rid of. You should keep a washcloth on hand whenever you are working with fuels. This will help you wipe off any spills right away.  

Brake Fluid 

This is extremely damaging to your car’s surface. Most car owners do not know this. Brake fluids can damage the paint whenever it comes in contact with the surface of the vehicle. For those who don’t know, silicon-based brake fluids are like paint thinner.  

You should always be extremely cautious while handling brake fluid.  

Splattered Bugs 

Splattered bugs are the first thing that can damage the paint of your car. Bugs are extremely acidic, no matter what size the bugs are. You will not even notice it. Bug splatters may etch itself into the paint if you ignore them for a long period.  

Typically, bugs are enticed to your vehicle during long rids. That’s why after long drives, you shouldn’t forget to wash your vehicle. To get rid of bug splatters, you should utilize a washcloth or a mild soap solution.  

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